Practice Areas

  • Antitrust/Competition Law
  • Commercial Litigation
  • General Litigation
  • Employment Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Financial Services
  • Products Liability
  • Family Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Mexican Law

Antitrust and Competition Law

HKE has wide-ranging experience pursuing and defending civil antitrust and competition law cases. This includes counseling, litigation, and jury trial experience in a variety of civil disputes, including class-action litigation, monopolization claims, price-fixing allegations, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) claims, and other matters.

Our attorneys have participated in cases involving rights of publicity for professional and amateur athletes, concussion lawsuits, scholarship litigation, and dispute resolution involving antitrust claims. HKE’s practice also includes counseling businesses on antitrust and competition law issues, including issues arising from pricing, competitive ventures, and exclusive supply relationships.

Insurance and Insurance Defense

HKE attorneys have extensive experience litigating a wide range of complex insurance matters and, as a result, we have developed a sophisticated understanding of the common law, statutes, regulations, and public policy considerations at play when insurance is at the heart of a dispute. We work with insurers, third-party administrators, and policyholders in insurance matters, ranging from first- and third-party property and liability coverage, complex insurance pricing and rate disputes, market conduct examinations, auto claims, commercial general liability matters, asbestos claims, insurance fraud cases, and cases involving allegations of insurer bad faith.

Financial Services

We help financial planners and investment managers maneuver through the oversight and regulation governing their work. We help our clients avoid common pitfalls, like conflicts of interest or satisfying their fiduciary duties. But we also advise our clients on cutting-edge issues where the realities of the financial services industry have outpaced regulation, such as how to proceed when aging clients no longer have the capacity to understand their own finances. At HKE, we strive to ensure our clients operate within the spirit and letter of the law.

Commercial Litigation

We guide businesses and business owners through the full range of issues and disputes that arise during the course of doing business, including landlord-tenant disputes, debtor-creditor actions, products liability matters, partnership disputes, shareholder actions, construction matters, and employment issues. We strive to have a full understanding of not only our clients’ legal goals, but their business and social goals as well, so we can offer solutions and produce results that are consistent with the way they do business. Whether the objective is a fast, inexpensive resolution, or taking cases to trial with the goal of changing the legal landscape, we use the law to help our business clients get back to business.


We help our clients navigate the issues that arise at every stage of the employment relationship. From hiring to termination, we advise our clients on how to avoid liability for discrimination and harassment, how to manage leave laws and wage and hour issues, how to minimize liability through workplace policies, how to manage social media, and how to effect terminations in a way that doesn’t leave the company exposed. In addition to advice, we have experience resolving disputes—whether through litigation or otherwise—when discrimination problems arise, when employees violate the terms of their non-compete agreements, and when bullying in the workplace results in claims against the company. When employment problems present themselves, we’re equipped to step in and handle it.

General Litigation

We represent clients in state and federal courts throughout the country. The depth and breadth of our general litigation practice is well documented, as our attorneys have obtained successful resolutions through verdict or settlement in prosecuting or defending matters ranging from small lawsuits to multimillion-dollar claims. Our attorneys have handled cases from premise liability, landlord/tenant litigation, motor-vehicle, and construction claims.

Entertainment, Sports, and Media

Our attorneys have experience representing athletes, celebrities, and artists in contract negotiations. HKE prides itself in making our clients’ careers our priority. HKE has developed a unique program called “Post Play Realities” for former athletes and celebrities helping them reengage in the workforce. In addition, our attorneys can act as personal general counsel, helping to developing our clients’ businesses and monitor the professionals working for them.

Family Law

Marriage dissolution is never planned or expected. And hiring a family law attorney is never easy. When clients need to resolve family issues, HKE has the experience to assist with difficult matters. The attorneys at HKE have experience helping parties navigate the complicated issues that arise in paternity actions, divorce actions, and post-decree litigation.

United States-Mexico Practice

We help American companies do business in Mexico and Mexican companies do business in the United States. As the economic relationship between the United States and Mexico continues to grow and mature, their economies have become increasingly integrated. Nowhere is this more evident than in the number of entrepreneurs and companies operating on both sides of the border. These operations may take many forms, from simply investing in previously existing companies, to forming new joint ventures, to merging with or acquiring a target company on the other side of the border.

Although it can be highly profitable if managed properly, doing business in Mexico can be complex. While many of the economic and legal fundamentals inherent in legal transactions remain the same, cross-border legal matters can bring about differences in not only the substantive law, but the procedure, language, culture, and legal environment as well.

Our U.S.-Mexico legal practice is focused on assisting our clients in getting transactions and other business objectives completed efficiently and economically by helping them navigate the Mexican legal and regulatory landscape. In short, we help our clients obtain the legal services they need to do business on both sides of the border.

We have an in-house Mexican licensed attorney with an LLM from an American University who will assume responsibility for the process and remain directly accountable to our clients to provide them with efficient results. This is complemented by HKE’s relationships with an extensive network of hand-picked, well-established attorneys located throughout Mexico. Our legal practice group possess the “know-how” and the “know-who” that will allow our clients to achieve their goals in Mexico.

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